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Quote: Originally Posted by Heuchler View Post
Would be helpful if you provided more background info - your system specs and what settings you are using and software.

The picture you posted in the AORUS Owner thread shows you are using Auto Overclocking in Ryzen Master. Ryzen Master overwrites BIOS settings [SMU].
Sometime bad enough that one has to flash the BIOS to clear Ryzen Master settings and gain BIOS level control. Not to be a dick but it has been mentioned
on 4 out of the 5 pages in this thread.

I would strongly recommend not using auto overclocking features in BIOS nor Ryzen Master unless you have a specific need for it.

Pretty sure all AMD motherboard partners get the same micro code libraries to build BIOS out of. GIGABYTE has been rolling out new BIOS on the latest AGESA faster than any other maker.

try CLR CMOS and the load default profile, then set vcore. If that doesn't clear try flashing BIOS to stop Ryzen Master taking over BIOS setting.
Ok, I think I found a solution and a bug as well.

If I change vcore in the gigabyte BIOS, it doesnt work, if I change it in the gigabyte BIOS but going to AMD overclock settings, it works. I hope they can fix this.
Still I don't understand why BIOS settings are duplicated everywhere and in some places they work and in some other don't, is honestly a mess, I don't know how the other are but this is a mess.

BTW anyone knows if this can be changed in a gigabyte BIOS?
SB Spread Spectrum and VRM Spread Spectrum

I don't see this setting in our BIOS and apparently could improve the performance
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