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Quote: Originally Posted by l0rdraiden View Post
Ok, I think I found a solution and a bug as well.

If I change vcore in the gigabyte BIOS, it doesnt work, if I change it in the gigabyte BIOS but going to AMD overclock settings, it works. I hope they can fix this.
Still I don't understand why BIOS settings are duplicated everywhere and in some places they work and in some other don't, is honestly a mess, I don't know how the other are but this is a mess.

BTW anyone knows if this can be changed in a gigabyte BIOS?
SB Spread Spectrum and VRM Spread Spectrum

I don't see this setting in our BIOS and apparently could improve the performance
Load defaults in Ryzen Master/ & reset to stock, nuke your BIOS, Q-flash or optimized defaults.
That isn't normal behaviour.
Optimzed defaults should reset your whole BIOS, but if Ryzen Master hijacks in Windows and sets it's own values, your back to square one.

Spread spectrum should be disabled by default on the Xtreme & Master boards. (I think it was it didn't work on these, clarification would be nice from Gigabyte REP)
I have no idea on the other boards but usually it's enabled for Gigabyte boards and no option to turn it on/off. I have no idea why they keep that hidden from users to control.

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