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Mesh Network Improve Speed?

Thanks ahead of time for any input, and please bare with me because I am not a networking pro. I just recently got ATT 1GB fiber internet, and, unfortunately, there is no way to have a hard wired connection from my computer to the router in my new house. Therefore I reluctantly must use wifi for the first time in my life (for my computer). My big problem with wifi is loss of speed, so I am looking for the best alternative to a hard wired connection. Someone recommended setting up a mesh network and putting one of the nodes right next to my computer and running an ethernet cable from the node to the computer.

I could be missing something, but from my understanding a mesh network primarily increases range without the major loss of bandwidth which would be great for a large home or fixing dead spots. My current setup is in my office which is almost directly above the router which is in the living room. Range is not an issue for me at all and I have a strong signal from my office, however, the speed is much slower. My question is, although range is not an issue at all, would adding a mesh network with a single node like I described above increase my internet speed? Or is there a better option?

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