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Well of course it HAS to be g-sync so they can slap that premium price tag on it! And those ultrawides are either 27 or 38", and for $2000 it's not even nano IPS and even though it's 175Hz it STILL only has HDR400?? Are you freaking kidding me? Sorry, can't justify almost $2000 for a monitor with a pseudo 1ms response time. The selling point of IPS monitors supposedly is viewing angles and "color accuracy" which is why it APPEALS to photographers/designers ect., and since the colors are supposedly more accurate it would make sense to have at least 8 bit + FRC if NOT 10 bit panels. Yet we are still stuck with basically 16.7 million colors. Hello, color banding. Is anyone in there?

And HOLY COW...a 34" 1080p ultrawide for $900? Are they INSANE?

The monitor industry is whacked out of their minds. They are not playing with a full deck! It's shout it out on the rooftop because we all know they are making it as FRUSTRATING as humanly possible because of the huge gap between what users want and need vs. what manufacturers want to push.

Instead of coming out with a new TV/monitors that makes sense, they unveil these massive 100" TVs the size of your living room that cost about $20,000 to produce just to show it off at some CES event, and that price gets absorbed into the products that actually make it to production to recoup the enormous cost of R&D to develop these useless pieces of eye candy..

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