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Quote: Originally Posted by Madmaxneo View Post
I can recall of one other person on this forum that had an issue similar to yours but he had other issues included and he never resolved his issue from what I remember. But that issue was not the same as yours. Of the ones that I remember about having the audio stop in the middle of the game, they were either resolved through support for the game or discovering that it was something else entirely. I can't recall those issues but yours is unique as far as I have been able to tell.

I still have my Zx card running great with no issues whatsoever, and I am on the latest update of windows 10.
Oh man this is sad. For now I will test playing something for a good hours when I have some time. I put the card aside because I had a motherboard with DTS Connect that did the job very well but know my new motherboard that also has DTS Connect is not trustworthy (some games gives me 5.1 channels but other only 2) and it would be nice to SB Z works.
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