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Just live wit it and pad it if you must. MSI can make good efficient coolers but doesn't always put them on all the cards, and they make many various models to choose from, bad to good.

Pads? Usually 2mm thick. For backplate that's probably 3mm at least for my card. Looking at any heatsink and it's heatpipes you can easily guess how well it will cool with a bit of experience with various coolers on CPUs, GPUs, ...
On my MSI one would think that the 1/2 of heatsink over GPU is important... wrong, it only has 1 heatpipe going to it, the rest are soldered over die and most heat is taken by heatpipes to the 2nd half of heatsink. So that shared heatsinked half over die is more for the VRAM than spreading die heat into it.
The more heatpipes go into fins of heatsinks the better.

Pulse has 1 more heatpipe, a slightly bigger cooler and a nice VRAM and VRM plate that doesn't dump heat into main cooler. Better vents.

Those backplates do get hot when padded right. Pulse only pads VRMs. Evoke nothing, turning it into a heat trap.
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