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Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoodz View Post
Trixx should work on any AMD card, doesn't need to be Sapphire or Pulse I believe. Also sounds like your gpu is boosting over your base clocks, which could be normal. Artifacts are usually too fast VRAM speeds.
Going over boost clock is not normal. AB reporting stock clocks on it's sensors when it's set higher is not normal. AB has serious issues right now with the Radeon 5700 non xt with MorePowerTools or maybe even just by itself. If the core really went to 2600 that's nuts. If it can't handle the core clock what else is it messing up? I've been using this card for about a month I've never seen it go beyond boost like that with wattman. If someone else wants to test it out feel free, but I wouldn't.

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