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Ok, little guide - how to completely unload atsiv (its driver) after using.


In archive you will find the real atsiv's drivers (which are just incorporated in atsiv.exe - but can be extracted).
You have to (all with elevated rights)
0. Copy atsiv.sys to any folder, but the usual path for drivers is %windir%\system32\drivers (only once)
1. Create service for driver (only once):
sc create atsiv type= kernel start= demand binpath= system32\Drivers\atsiv.sys
(spaces are MATTER). The example is in Create_Service.cmd
2. then you can start and stop this service (and load atsiv.sys in & unload it from memory) by usual way in any time:
sc start atsiv
sc stop atsiv

So to load atsiv, then load and unload hidusbfp and then unload atsiv:
sc start atsiv
atsiv.exe /f d:\path\hidusbfp.sys
atsiv.exe /u hidusbfp.sys
sc stop atsiv

Hope this help.

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