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The RMA process has already started its not even in my system anymore.

However there is nothing wrong with looking for the reason it happened.

There is a very long bug report on chrome developers bug section regarding the huge amounts of writes the browser carries out and what was interesting is samsung specifically asked me if I use chrome. They didnt ask if I use any other piece of software, just that question.

Also finally your comment is a bit disrespectful to those who are poor, it reads as if buying a new SSD is easy and very affordable for everyone, also that if people lose data it doesnt mean anything.

It is kinda sad people talk as if 5 years old is very old and think it normal routine to dump things after only a couple of years in a throw away type of manner. Funny enough tho the latest and greatest SSD's are worse than the older one's, the SSD's put to market are a downgrade, samsung's QLC drive is their latest and greatest. That may well have died just after a year.

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