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Quote: Originally Posted by chrcoluk View Post
It is kinda sad people talk as if 5 years old is very old and think it normal routine to dump things after only a couple of years in a throw away type of manner.
To be honest, I expect and experience higher failure rates on HDDs (usually around 3 years?) than SSDs. Also, iirc, NAND would lose charge after 10 years so they're really not for archival.

Quote: Originally Posted by chrcoluk View Post
Funny enough tho the latest and greatest SSD's are worse than the older one's, the SSD's put to market are a downgrade, samsung's QLC drive is their latest and greatest. That may well have died just after a year.
Unfortunate, but true. Every die shrink means lower resilience to leakage in terms of NAND itself. We just have better controllers to mitigate.

Mind, I actually did get the planar TLC 840 500GB and 840 EVO 1TB when those were released. I wouldn't consider buying those models at low capacities, though. Also, I actually would consider buying 3D QLC but only at 4TB+.
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