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Quote: Originally Posted by n4p0l3onic View Post
It would be absolutely crazy if there going to be both cpus and motherboards for trx40 that cost the same or maybe slightly less than the upper end of x570 system.

Say a 12 core threadripper 3920x with a $300 trx40 board. Will that be possible?

Given the package size and inherent cost of it along with the larger IO die, I would not expect any CPU under 16 cores for the new threadrippers. I would bet the TRX40 platform will have 16, 24, 32 count processors available, while the TRX80 would support the same as well as 40, 48 56, and 64 count processors (or possibly removing the 40 and 56 count models to cut down on SKUs). Going in groups of 8 since each die is 8 cores, and all defective dies with less functional cores are most likely used for Ryzen processors.
I would also expect barebones base price MBs for this to start around $300-350, given the huge socket cost, the extra memory traces needed, and the extra routing of PCIE traces for additional lanes. Typical middle of the road boards will probably be $500-600 given the prices we are seeing for the 4.0 compatible boards already.

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