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Quote: Originally Posted by KyadCK View Post
The issue with the 2990WX was that two of the dies did not have direct access to memory. Zen 2 chips (Ryzen 3000, Epyc 7002, and TR3) do not have this limitation due to the IO die design. A CPU with insanely high core counts will not be the best for gaming for many reasons, but it will not be crippled like the 2990WX was.

In theory, the only thing stopping a 32 or 64-core TR3 chip from performing exactly the same in games as a 3700X is power and thermal concerns.


....... X399 was insane. TRX40 is still insane.

TRX80 is.... wow. AMD wants intel to simply not exist in any segment. Jesus christ.

Also thank you for noting that the new chips will work in my X399 board, I don't need PCI-e 4.0 right now and 3200 14-14-14 should be fine, I'll just take the higher clocks and lower power consumption. Please still make a 16-core for us lowly plebs that can not afford a 64-core. (wow what a sentence to type! )
This isn't an argument about anything you've said, but just for clarity: The sockets are SP3 (server) and TR4 (HEDT).

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