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Quote: Originally Posted by mongoled View Post
Not a universal rule

+0.0500V was just bad overall.

+0.250V which I had tried before gave some improvements but Cinebench was worse.

I was expecting more gives more but it wasn't as such. Seems to behave the same as -/negative offsets people have used to lower temperatures to boost higher with implied clock-stretching.
Issue was I had no issue with temperature and wishing the more voltage would overall give higher clocks but it barely budged and actually gave worse performance if trying to push too much.

I think between +0.006 up-to +0.0250 might wok for individual cases but it's not a universal fix. The Boost algorithm isn't made for you to alter the applied voltage and makes it perform worse if too much off from stock targets.
The solution would be adjustable max voltage setting for PBO but I don't see AMD giving us that potential to brick/fry more cpu's.

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