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Quote: Originally Posted by KyadCK View Post

Official ECC support since April 2018. Done.

Not that it matters. Epyc and SP3 boards do not cost much more than Threadripper/X399, and then you get to use cheaper buffered ECC, and much more of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by DNMock View Post
Why would you go TR over Epyc in an application where ECC is necessary?

(actually asking, I have no clue)
I apologize, my post was not complete.

Clock speed and cost would be the two primary factors. While Epyc motherboards are priced reasonably well, equivalent (or near-equivalent) 1P chips are notably more expensive than their (faster) TR counterparts. Additionally, the need for ECC compatibility is not necessarily (for me, at least) an immediate concern. A few years down the line as I inevitably replace this hypothetical computer it would probably become my home server. Of course, plans change and all that, but I like having the flexibility - especially at the price point we're talking about.

The Designare has actually been in my watch list for a while now, but I'm 'hoping' to find a board with 10g and a somewhat less ostentatious design. With the exception of Asus, I'm concerned about the ability to shut off all the RGB lighting on these boards without needing to install proprietary software. I know Asus lets you manage it within the BIOS and AsRock seemingly does not (at least I haven't found it yet), but I don't know about other brands.

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