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Hey I get one of these!
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Quote: Originally Posted by parityboy View Post
EPYC is primarily aimed at the server market where performance-per-watt is king. In the desktop market, efficiency is sacrificed for outright performance - which tends to suit desktop-class applications where workloads (such as rendering, software compilation) benefit from the increased clock speeds on offer. If AMD only wanted EPYC in high-end desktop and professional workstations, Threadripper simply would not exist.
Know whats faster than a 3.0Ghz 32-core in an application that can make use of 32 cores? Two 2.25ghz 32 cores. Threadripper does not hold the performance crown over Epyc.

Threadripper exists as a medium ground between people who need more, but don't need everything, just like Intel's HEDT. Also just like Intel's HEDT, it does not have some features that are considered important to workstations, such as buffered ECC. AMD has no reason to allow Threadripper to directly encroach upon Epyc's space when you can buy Epyc for just that little bit more.

Why would AMD shoot Epyc in the foot when they have no reason to do so?

Quote: Originally Posted by technodanvan View Post
Thanks for the input you two, that is certainly something worth considering.
To put it in context and clarify, I got;
  • An IBM Blade G8000 with 2xSFP+ expansion card for $100
  • An IBM Blade G8124 for $400
  • Two 75ft cyan multimode fibre cables for $25
  • Four Arista transceivers for $40
  • Four X520-DA2s for $130
  • Six 3ft Dell DACs for $30

This allows my two desktops to be connected at 10g, my gameserver connected at 10g, my main server to be connected at 40g (4x10gs, it's ESXi so servers are split between the NICs), and my PFSense box connected at 10g, with everything else including wifi connected at 1g (which connects to the G8124 via 10g).

Enterprise hardware does come with compatibility concerns to keep in mind, but the potential for upgradeability is far higher if that is a route you want to go. Most people do not need a 24-port 10g switch, but if you can work with a 24/48 1g that has a SFP+ uplink or two for your server, that can be had really cheap.

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