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Hello there again,

I'm trying to figure out what the most applicable LLC for my 5 GHz OC on a Gigabyte Z390 Designare is and all of the following result in 1.2 V vram vout stable AVX operation:

LLC Extreme, 5 GHz with 1.24 VCore at 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT

LLC Turbo, 5 GHz with 1.28 VCore at 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT

LLC High, 5 GHz with 1.335 VCore at 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT

Which one would you recommend in terms of CPU durability?

LLC Medium is not an option because in order to run 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT, I'd have to put in something like above 1.35 I guess.

Also, the VROUT voltage is actually hitting the CPU right? Not the VCore number?
LLC High would give you the most stability (less LLC improves transients). The more LLC, the higher your minimum stable voltage has to be if you are borderline because of dips.

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