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Hello there again,

I'm trying to figure out what the most applicable LLC for my 5 GHz OC on a Gigabyte Z390 Designare is and all of the following result in 1.2 V vram vout stable AVX operation:

LLC Extreme, 5 GHz with 1.24 VCore at 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT

LLC Turbo, 5 GHz with 1.28 VCore at 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT

LLC High, 5 GHz with 1.335 VCore at 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT

Which one would you recommend in terms of CPU durability?

LLC Medium is not an option because in order to run 1.2 Volts VRM VOUT, I'd have to put in something like above 1.35 I guess.

Also, the VROUT voltage is actually hitting the CPU right? Not the VCore number?

Disclaimer: I dont own a 9 series processor. Adjustable LLC has been applied to either VRIN or VCORE by intel on different architectures, and without further research, I cannot say for sure which is it for the 9900k. The core concept of LLC hasn't changed though, just the specific voltage that it is being applied to.

LLC is designed to counteract Vdroop. Vdroop is a good thing for the longevity of a processor, as it helps mitigate transient voltage spikes during switching. Totally defeating vdroop with LLC will normalize your load/unloaded voltage, but will increase the maximum voltage your processor sees. You wont be able to see the true maximum voltage from these spikes without the help of a oscilloscope, so looking at your favorite monitoring software wont tell you the whole story. The good news is that you are far from running 'extreme' voltages for intels 14nm, so it shouldn't make any meaningful difference in the life of the processor.

Personally, I would rerun your tests with the intent to determine which configuration gets you the best temperatures, and stick with that.
What about durability with 1.335 in idle?

But then again, isn't what VRM OUT is showing what's feeding the CPU? Not VCore? Because 1.335 high LLC is 1.20 on the VRM Vout sensor.
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