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Quote: Originally Posted by Luck100 View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Melodist View Post
What about durability with 1.335 in idle?

But then again, isn't what VRM OUT is showing what's feeding the CPU? Not VCore? Because 1.335 high LLC is 1.20 on the VRM Vout sensor.
Yes, for Gigabyte boards VRM Vout is closest to the actual voltage entering the CPU.
Soooo, 1.335 volts aren't hitting the CPU but 1.2 instead? Something else that's affected by 1.335? Not reall right?

I'm actually pretty happy with AVX stable 1.2 @ 5 GHz, but I'm seeing all these threads posting their cpuz picture with prime running (mostly non avx) which doesn't tell at all how well their CPU is working, so to be honest, there is no real base line for me to orient on because non-avx is a walk in the park which I could probably do at 1.14 volts.

Even Battlefield V and Hunt showdown have avx by now so it is pointless to compare your CPU results without the actual voltage out and a moderate avx load, like 64k or something like Aida 64.
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