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Quote: Originally Posted by Falkentyne View Post
If you're going to want to set a idle bios voltage of 1.4v, you're just better off switching to auto voltages, disabling loadline calibration (standard or LLC2, which I think is 1.6 mOhms on an Asus. LLC1 may be 2.1 mOhms which is too much vdroop on 8 core processors--intel specifies 1.6 max), and just using AC Loadline to control the idle and load voltages. You would get a lower idle voltage (and with same load voltage at 5 ghz) with an AC Loadline of 1.0 mOhms and LLC Standard/Normal, than you would with fixed 1.40v voltage with LLC Standard.
I'll try that, it might end up with a better stability and lower temps

But pushing 12k prime avx is nonesense, Aida64 has proved to me to be the most reliable AVX stresstest, just running FPU, which stresses more than CPU and FPU.
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