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Quote: Originally Posted by The Stilt View Post
Here are modified bioses for Crosshair VII boards, which include the new SMU 46.49.0 release that improves boost behavior / margin on 3000-series CPUs.

Do note that these are totally untested, rebuilt bioses. Despite I fully expect them to work, there is no guarantee what so ever that they actually do.

Also since the bioses have been rebuilt, their original signatures allowing them to be flashed using official software (e.g. EzFlash) tools are invalid. Because of that, they can be only flashed in using the Flashback feature.

In case they do not work or introduce some kind of an issue, you can revert to original bios by using Flashback function.

Also note that these bioses ARE NOT based AGESA code revision, as the whole code base has not been upgraded (only the SMU firmwares).
Therefore the behavior might not be identical to true bios builds.

Naming: Official bios build, M = Modification, FI = 4649 (ASCII)

Crosshair VII Hero 0002M-FI

Crosshair VII Hero Wi-Fi 0002M-FI

Please let me know if they work or not, so that I can take them down if they're not working.
Awesome work as always The Stilt! IMO they should fire their software team and hire people like you instead.

Remember you helped me a lot with the fan issues on CH6? Guess what, its back.. Not as bad as before luckily but it still present. Maybe the IT controller goes bad over time as not every one is affected?

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