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Waiting for 7nm EUV
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Quote: Originally Posted by Serious_Don View Post
lol... of course I'm hoping deep down to see some boosts above box rating to make these very expensive x570 boards pay off, but going by the OC potential of these chips I'm going to have to chalk that video up as a massive blunder. Following his PBO logic we can expect 4.9ghz boosts out of the 3950x.. I can barely get 4.3ghz out of 4 cores (single ccx) on the 3700x, so how much higher can a single core get?

AMD would like to entertain you with a 5x86 133 Mhz. Word on the street is that they overclock great to 166 Mhz. And you only have one core to worry about.

As to Ryzen, I'd say we'll have to wait for 7nm EUV.

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