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Quote: Originally Posted by Asmodian View Post
BG 1&2 were formative for me... I played way too much BG1. I tried to play the enhanced editions recently but they are a bit too simple (and memorized) for me to play again with the same enjoyment. On a 55" 4K OLED the graphics are also a bit hard, I know graphics are not super important for these games but... it is still hard.

Seriously looking forward to BG3!
I am so glad there are so many fans here who share the same sentiment when it comes to classic RPG game.

BG define my love for PC game, I never get hooked into something so bad before in my life. I rmb back in 1999 i played this game over 6 times, and each time i discover new items and gears, such as Twinkle +5, and a extra full plate mail, or a Full Plate Mail +1 (which i didnt know even existed in the game until my last replay)

Ignoring the game play, even the story was so fantastic following the murderer of your character godfather, and your own special identity that comes with it (as a bhaalspawn).

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