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Brands like Corsair, Phanteks, etc., i can at least give them benefit of the doubt, pre-suppose that the units are shipped (literally, due to fluids inside) in.. more or less adequate conditions.
But Barrow? Assuming it goes the usual way, ie ordering from jibibaba express, tonjao.ch, et al, we're talking regular mail parcel, in ye ole regular 1 knot per day ship. All that heat with it sitting in the cellar, or whatever it's called for boats.. not a good start.

Of course, granted, i have no knowledge of their coolant composition, but unless they've reinvented the wheel, it has a lot of distilled water and some glycole; so yet again, shipping (literally) conditions. If you haven't ever sailed, say in South Africa? You probably cannot imagine the heat; and these things -do- have a heat threshold.

Word of warning to the wise.
(not even gonna mention actual 'performance', as AIOs are AIOS that are.. AIOs)

* didn't notice who the OP was..! You're the guy with the AM4 chipset testing right? With Prime95? To gauge.. X570 chipset temps..? Please forgive me for failing to respond in future comments; i admittedly should have paid a touch more attention to detail. My bad.

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