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Quote: Originally Posted by Aenra View Post
Brands like Corsair, Phanteks, etc., i can at least give them benefit of the doubt, pre-suppose that the units are shipped (literally, due to fluids inside) in.. more or less adequate conditions.
But Barrow? Assuming it goes the usual way, ie ordering from jibibaba express, tonjao.ch, et al, we're talking regular mail parcel, in ye ole regular 1 knot per day ship. All that heat with it sitting in the cellar, or whatever it's called for boats.. not a good start.

Of course, granted, i have no knowledge of their coolant composition, but unless they've reinvented the wheel, it has a lot of distilled water and some glycole; so yet again, shipping (literally) conditions. If you haven't ever sailed, say in South Africa? You probably cannot imagine the heat; and these things -do- have a heat threshold.
barrow and bykski are actually quite reputable, almost all of it is relabeled name brand stuff. fittings for example are unlabeled bitspower. as for ordering, i myself have ordered a truckload of parts from formulamod which is an alibaba distributor for these brands, customer service has been amazing and shipping arrived within three days when i was expecting closer to 30. i had an issue where i ordered the wrong part, and emailed them about it. by 5am the next day the had contacted me with a solution after speaking to their product engineers telling me if i had a dremel i could fix it temporarily and theyd send me the right part in the post. they took the part and did a annotated walkthrough of how to mod it to work for me just so i could get my pc up and running asap.

dont get me wrong, its no heatkiller pure lump of copper block, but theyre very good for the price and quality is more than good enough. LTT and others have many videos on their parts.

Originally Posted by flyingsaucers

Cue 20 pages of repetitive whining about CoD. Gotta love OCN CoD threads. Every single one is the same. Page after page of the same haters, spewing the same recycled criticism about CoD games. We get it, guys. We know you don't like the games.
Here's a real brain teaser - you all keep criticizing Treyarch & Infinity Ward for their lack of originality in CoD games, yet it's perfectly okay to spawn 20 page threads of repetitive whining every time somebody posts about CoD in the news section! See the irony? No? Of course not. Carry on, then.
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