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Quote: Originally Posted by jdc122 View Post
barrow and bykski are actually quite reputable, almost all of it is relabeled name brand stuff. fittings for example are unlabeled bitspower.
This is a common misconception. I own plenty of both, and while Barrow work great and are very high quality for the price, they are not the same as Bitspower.

Straight from the bitspower.com home page:

"Recently, some statements have been made online regarding a relationship between Bitspower and the watercooling brands Bykski and Barrow.
These statements are false. Bitspower produces products under the brands Bitspower and Bitspower Touchaqua,
and a few other well-known and respected brands around the world, but so far, we have not partnered with either Bykski or Barrow.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding our brand."
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