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Quote: Originally Posted by jdc122 View Post
barrow and bykski are actually quite reputable, almost all of it is relabeled name brand stuff. fittings for example are unlabeled bitspower. as for ordering, i myself have ordered a truckload of parts from formulamod which is an alibaba distributor for these brands, customer service has been amazing and shipping arrived within three days when i was expecting closer to 30. i had an issue where i ordered the wrong part, and emailed them about it. by 5am the next day the had contacted me with a solution after speaking to their product engineers telling me if i had a dremel i could fix it temporarily and theyd send me the right part in the post. they took the part and did a annotated walkthrough of how to mod it to work for me just so i could get my pc up and running asap.

dont get me wrong, its no heatkiller pure lump of copper block, but theyre very good for the price and quality is more than good enough. LTT and others have many videos on their parts.
I totally agree not wrong with Barrow and Bykski parts. Would be nice if Barrow would have gone beyond a standard CLC with this product. I suspect that targeted at the Asian-Pacific market. Anti-Leak Technology and the pump maybe somebody else is the OEM.

CLC (closed loop coolers) I would categorize as none expandable, none serviceable. While I tend to call products like Swiftech Drive X3 AIO and EK Predator series All-In-One (prebuild loops that are ready to go). Would like to see a copper rad based Barrow AIO at one point.

Corsair new premium Hydro X series uses Bitspower for fittings, Hardware Labs for rads, and Mayhem for coolant.

Deepcool just released the Gamer Storm Castle 240EX

Aluminum 282×120×27 mm Radiator
Pump 2.4 W 17.8 dB(A) at 2550 RPM±10%
LED Power Consumption 2.25 W(PUMP) ?!?

Anti-Leak Technology

eTeknix Review
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