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Which is better 4x8gb or 2x16gb

I don't know much about ram and how motherboards work when using ram. I know theres (4) slots, but I think theres dual channel and quad channel.. So I rather buy the right ram the first time them mess up and have chips not being utilized.

Upgrading RAM on my Media Server mother board is ASUS Prime-Z270-AR

Trying to figure you if I should get 4x8gb sticks or 2x16gb sticks.
I think the 2x16gb is the way to go.

Looking at the Ballistix Spot LT 3200mhz

I could buy one 16gb chip for now and upgrade to a second in the future, but I think ram is best in pairs?
On a bit of a buget, but if I have to buy the full 32gb now, I will.

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