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Quote: Originally Posted by Veii View Post
You can try this 3 presets, RTT_Park of 240 with high Proc0DT is very stressful for the IMC , i think yours are dual ranked too , as they have the identical requirements

This one has to work:

This one would be Fail-Safe, but i forgot the CAD_BUS Timing dividers / you can try&error find them out:

And this would be pushing to 3400:

Start with 1.48v VDIMM & 1.075 SOC (flat loadline)
later you can lower SOC with LLC3 down to 1.05 for 3200MT/s or increase up to 1.125v flat LLC1
Use 20 cycles of 1usmus TestMem_v3 (1:30h for 16GB , 3h for 32GB)
If TM5 errors , please screenshot when and with which error (make it 2-3 errors to know what it actually is)

It depends on your Region, and really the deals
So far i'm quite happy with the perf of the Viper Steel 4000C19-19
the 4133C19-21-21 would be Hynix-C die and the 4400C19-19 are high binned B-Dies
Got the 4000 ones for 130€ , the 4400 where 170€ a bit out of my budget
XCalibur 4000 are known B-dies but expensive
Flare X 3200C14 are hit or miss, always B-dies but rather binning lottery

The remain better ones are Micron-E dies, they have to be good ~ but i miss experience to recommend them
Thank you for the fast response. How did you get these timings? They seem a lot lower than what I am trying to do but maybe the voltages will help.
I was using the TM5 and didn't pay much attention to the type of error. Maybe Test 1 or 2 was at fault when I had only 1 error.
I don't know what means flat loadline? I am using around 1.025V for SOC with LLC3 and 1.365V but HWinfo was showing more aroung 1.385V.

Sadly, I won't be home till Sunday so I will try your recommendations then and will write here if I had luck.

p.s. I live in Bulgaria but buy parts regularly from Germany and even UK. Those Flare X are around 150€ here, the cheaper Viper Steel 4000C19-19 a little bit more. Honestly I don't want to pay that much for RAM and will wait for something on sale or something second hand.

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