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Quote: Originally Posted by Stiliyan View Post
Thank you for the fast response. How did you get these timings? They seem a lot lower than what I am trying to do but maybe the voltages will help.
I was using the TM5 and didn't pay much attention to the type of error. Maybe Test 1 or 2 was at fault when I had only 1 error.
I don't know what means flat loadline? I am using around 1.025V for SOC with LLC3 and 1.365V but HWinfo was showing more aroung 1.385V.

Sadly, I won't be home till Sunday so I will try your recommendations then and will write here if I had luck.

p.s. I live in Bulgaria but buy parts regularly from Germany and even UK. Those Flare X are around 150€ here, the cheaper Viper Steel 4000C19-19 a little bit more. Honestly I don't want to pay that much for RAM and will wait for something on sale or something second hand.
Ah nice to meet you
I have some collegues in the UK, germany the Viper Steels where for 130€ too , even dropped to 110€ 3 days ago ~ because of oversupply
Loadline you see when you hover with your mouse over the CPU Loadline , at the right side is a graph
Flat Loadline means Level 1 , but flat loadline can overshoot - like you saw it using 1.365v
Later when you have b*chy ram (i mean you already do ), or run them very borderline, you'll notice that 0.01v change trows them unstable

How , hmm DRAM calculator is not always 100% accurate, it does help with RTT values, but voltage wise it's only recommending a baseline
Most of the times you want to something further then what the kits are designed for with their rated voltage, soo it can happen that you push 1.42 and higher
* because there is unexplored headroom , you know ^^#
This is some very well made crash-course on memory OC

Hmm, 3200 should run with ease
It's all about setting it right, and too much voltage has negative effects and causes struggle with cooling
Bios 5.6 was buggy but at least it's better then 5.10 on X370
Many here already converted over to X470 to have a bugfree AGESA

If you haven't found your max core OC with lowest voltage possible, stay on 1.05v SOC (fixed with LLC1) @ 3000MT/s and lower core voltage as best if possible
(i use OCCT , medium instruction set with AVX2 enabled to speed up testing - 10-15min should be fine to notice if you throttle or even fully error out)
Afterwards add 2 ticks core voltage ontop (if possible or lower core clock) and start to work on ram
TM5, the errors can mean a lot, it depends when it errors and with which number
You'll get a feeling to what means what after time~

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