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Quote: Originally Posted by Diffident View Post
Whether you agree with it or not, that's the reality. Compute workloads are done on linux, you only need to look at Windows vs. Linux Threadripper benchmarks to see a reason why. It's more efficient and saves money (no licensing fees). The top 500 fastest supercomputers all use linux. Pixar and Dreamworks Animation use Linux to render their movies.
whether I like it or not is no the matter, if there is use on platform there should be still development , if fastest computer use linux doesnt mean that businesses dont use windows for their own purpose, it is negelecitng the a part of market for acknowledging one market

Quote: Originally Posted by Imouto View Post
Maybe it isn't worth the effort? It is a niche inside a niche. People doing compute on Windows that are also interested in a marginal API.



So what? Is that much of a problem to dualboot or fire up a VM?

I really don't know what kind of spotted unicorn is interested in SPIR-V and can't use Linux to be honest.
SO you are telling me that 80% of the consumers should just make a VM or dual boot to Linux just because they need to adapt to another platform 80% consumers don use? well doesnt seem logic, why adobe premiere and sony vegas support in windows is halted once for all and make it linux only? if someone wants to target same market (Windows) and it is limited to AMD (hardware), AMD should consider there is a need for a market, instead neglecting it

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