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Quote: Originally Posted by neurotix View Post

I run Debian Linux and do graphic design and custom conky scripts (desktop monitor) and theming for my installs as well as tons of tweaking, firewall scripts etc.

I also used sed (as per the article) for a custom conky calendar
 {execpi 20000 LAR=`date +%-d`; ncal -bh | sed '2d' | sed -e '1d' -e 's/\<'$LAR'\>/${color1}&${color5}/' | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/\n${goto 28}/g'}
Which simply prints the output of a terminal calendar application. With formatting.

My desktop looks like this

Attachment 297866

After my recent upgrade to a 3900x, running MATE, Compiz-Reloaded and Emerald window controls, with my custom background I made in GIMP, and my custom conky with extensive use of LUA scripts

I am not a malicious actor but I *highly* suggest VS patch the current code base for OCN against this immediately as it's literally as easy as copying the shell script out of that article, saving it as 'blahblahvbatk.sh' or something, and then figuring out some basic Bash shell scripts to control the site from a C&C server with an Apache install, through TOR over OpenVPN or something, and maybe a proxy. It would then be possible to ransom the admin panel, go in it and delete the SQL database, etc.

This is what you get when you run a hobbled together 2003-era vBulletin in 2019. Hope this was already known about and patched, VerticalScope, Inc.
This version of VB is not affected.

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