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i uh... too early.

pi hole, and exactly while Smilin' said. You're just hurting yourself with zero net gain in safety or security. Not to mention all while using 3-5x the power.

big brother is big brother, you aren't outsmarting him. You might as well pack up & go live in the woods, as that's the only way you're gonna be "safe" from all this.

good luck, and pick up a book, or a guide every once in awhile. there are a few things you can do to create a more secure environment, if you're really that paranoid. Using antiquated hardware just isn't on any of those lists, unless we're playing games of thermonuclear war.

pi hole
up 2 date software/OS
proper password policy enactment.

yeah AMD's new stuff is "more secure"... for now. It's brand new, that's kinda how it works. Core is nearing EOL, so it'll keep bleeding til it finally dies.

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