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Quote: Originally Posted by VicsPC View Post
That's surprising. Is your card overclocked or crossfire? I've had my V64 since day one, granted I'm on water, my drivers have been as reliable as when i had my r9 390. My overclock of 1670/1100 is even sticking in wattman with restarts and cold boots.
No, completely stock and single GPU in both scenarios, except when I had my ROG Vega 64 it wasn't stable at stock speeds so I had to downclock it to 1550~ just so it wouldn't crash during games as frequently.
I've tried Windows reinstalls, different Windows versions (home/pro/LTSB), using different display outputs, different DP cables, only plugging in my main monitor and not my second monitor.
Nothing so far has been a permanent solution, except using a GTX 1070 Ti for a couple weeks where I experienced no issues.
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