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Quote: Originally Posted by Retrorockit View Post
Unnecesarily damaging the RAM or CPU or something else by putting it under more stress than it will ever see in it's intended use. Overclocking is known to shorten the useful life of parts. Extended stress testing won't improve the situation. I would try the suggestions others made, but do a more relaxed stability test and see how that works. Your computer didn't crash during P95 24+ but it seems to be crashing now. The 2 things could be related.
The thing is that the PC doesn't crash and haven't crashed. The overclock settings in BIOS get reset if the mobo doesn't like something during POST.
Anyway, I'll keep my eye on the situation. Maybe add a notch to RAM voltage since I think I'm running them at 1.5v while mildly overclocked.
PS. Just finished another Prime test (custom, all sizes, 90-95% RAM, 10 min each) that ran for around 25 hours without an issue. Temps were under 80C.
Regarding what, why, how and with what to test I just use the same that that I used on Sandry Bridge from a tutorial from this forum that was needed to get into Sandy Super stable club.
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