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Hey guys, i got a x58 board with an xeon x5675 for free at my uni last week, so im building a system around it. Now i ordered a cpu cooler which was the arctic freezer 34 esport duo, but sadly i missed that it was not for 1366 sockets, so i will have to return it and get another cpu cooler. I did read a lot of very good things about the arctic one so im a little bit bummed. Can you guys give some advice for a cpu cooler in that same price range of 20-35$ with which i can OC the Xeon x5675 to around 4.0 - 4.2Ghz without having to worry about the temps?

Would really help me a lot, i was eying the DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 as it is 10$ cheaper than the arctic i will return, i was thinking about buying a second fan with that money and add it to the heatsink to get a pull and push setup going. Would that be a good idea? Im happy to hear about any other suggestions!
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