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Quote: Originally Posted by AeroZ View Post

I got a question.

I got an X5670 running at 4.1GHz with 24GB's of RAM. I'm Prime95 stable 24h+.
I haven't tinkered with my system for some time but yesterday I wanted to check my CPU load for some tasks and accidentally found that I'm running at stock 3.3GHz. So I booted into BIOS and when opening the overclocking settings portion I got the red message saying that the PC had boot failures so the settings were set back to default.

I was wondering what might cause boot failure while my overclock is stable? My PC is basically running 24/7 so I'm not sure when did it have any boot failures. Could a power cut or force shut down cause a boot failure?
If any other more specific info is needed let me know.
Might be nothing at all and caused by something like electricity failure.

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