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Let me know when they make a single fan NH-U12A in black (currently have NH-U14S with chromax fan + NH-D14 + TS 140 Power so anything else is a step down). Otherwise this is just milking their older coolers with a different color. For the price added there could have been NT-H2 compound for example.

The NH-U12S is not worthy of being the price it is, the NH-D15 still has clearance issues with RAM.

NH-D15 chromax pricing is $100 https://www.amazon.com/NOCTUA-NH-D15.../dp/B07Y3CTQNT
NH-U12S chromax pricing is $70 https://www.amazon.com/NOCTUA-NH-U12.../dp/B07Y3DCPVS
NH-L9i chromax pricing is $50 https://www.amazon.com/NOCTUA-NH-L9i.../dp/B07Y3M88QF

P.S. there's no mention of how the black color was achieved and if it helps cooling. i.e. is it e-coated or anodized? Be Quiet cites: "black coating with ceramic particles enables perfect heat transfer" ; Phanteks uses buzzwords such as "Patented C.P.S.C (Cold Plasma Spraying Coating) Technology".

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