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Quote: Originally Posted by siven View Post
any chance u can make bios what supports RGB fusion? even like basic 1 color for start.
we all know how terrible rgb fusion is...
maby you can steal it from older board bioses where it has all the options for RGBS?
you could even sell it i would BUY! and im sure many of us will do the same.
Install RGBFusion once without App Centre. Run Fusion one time. Make sure it's not in the start-up programs in Task Manager.

Put this program in the RGBFusion folder in C:/Programs or where it installed. https://github.com/Cheerpipe/RGBFusion390SetColor

Open Admin command prompt in Fusion Folder.

RGBFusion390SetColor.exe --areas
will show you your areas.

An area is a led zone or led array on your main board or any other rgbfusion device.

Each area is uniquely identified with a number.

It is important to note that area -1 represent all areas.

To change an area you must use --setarea command with the following parameters.

RGBFusion390SetColor.exe --setarea:area_id:mode:r:g:b

This example set all areas to red:
RGBFusion390SetColor.exe --setarea:-1:0:255:0:0
RGBFusion390SetColor.exe --setarea:-1:0:0:255:0
RGBFusion390SetColor.exe --setarea:-1:0:0:255
Mode 0 is still, 1 is breath......"

RGB colour map below.


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