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GPU coil whine after installing Accelero III GTX 1080 TI

Hey All,

Well the title says it all. My card with the stock cooler would never give off coil whine. I play on 1440p and on my previous build I had the card with the stock cooler, connected to a Supernova G3 750w PSU. I recently bought an Ncase M1 and changed the system up. I removed the stock cooler on the 1080ti and installed the Accelero III. I also changed the PSU to a Corsair SF 600w Gold.

Now playing at 1440p resolution and card with stock settings in MSI AB or EVGA precision X, it is giving off a very audible coil whine. After tinkering around with it last night, I noticed that changing the resolution in games to 1080p completely silences the whine. However, it is not the solution for me, as I want to game on 1440p.
I also noticed that under-volting the GPU and capping the FPS to 120 or 144 reduces the whine by about 20-30%, but it is still audible.

Anyone have any idea what it could possible be? Was it the stock cooler that was masking and buffering the whine from the beginning? Is the PSU not sufficient enough for the card at 1440p? I need some idea and guidance if anyone is willing to help.
Thank you

Rest of the system specs:
Ryzen 3700x
MSI B450i
16gb 3600mhz Crucial
AOC 165hz panel (144hz)
Corsair SF 600w
GTX 1080 Ti Black edition
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