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Quote: Originally Posted by qsxcv View Post
there's some register that controls framerate?
just got a cheapo logic analyzer to look at the power on procedure of my g pro (3366), which runs at ~8500 max framerate.

Quote: Originally Posted by qsxcv View Post
clock tuning:
registers 0x3d and 0x4f control the clock frequency of the sensor in run and rest mode, respectively
toggling on the msb of one of the registers (e.g. writing 0x96) causes the 3366's pin 14 to output a square wave with frequency related to the bottom 5,6,or 7 (not sure) bits of the register (see second sheet of the google doc above). the g502 adjusts the value of the register until the square wave frequency is as close to 1000hz as possible. usually the adjustment is quite coarse and the final values are off by 20hz or so. to disable the square wave toggle off the msb of whichever register had it on. changing the register's lower bits while the msb is 0 doesn't do anything.
instead of 1kHz, it targets 700Hz (logitech why...???)
i think all the clocks in the sensor scale proportionally, and indeed 70% is close to the ratio in the title 8500/11500.

semi-related but posting here for reference: strictly speaking 3389's max framerate (~15000 or so) is higher than 3360/3366's. i checked on scope attached led pin. but for whatever reason, in the highest framerate mode, the data registers update only every other frame, so as far as mousetester plots are concerned, it appears as ~7500.

i suspect 3310 does something similar. can't be bother to check right now.

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