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Quote: Originally Posted by NightAntilli View Post
I'm not going to pretend to know what the latter two mean, nor what its implications are. I only hope that they are neutral and not catering to specific hardware vendors.
From what I've found this is catering to Nvidia's Mesh shaders.
That's dated Sept. 2018.

I've not found any technical documents from AMD/Radeon about mesh shaders. If someone finds any presentations/Demo from AMD about MS please link me. From what I understood AMD is doing something similar through next gen generation geometry (NGG). It's a unification of:
into surface shader(s) which have control over tessellation and geometry LOD. But I'm going on memory (I'm sure I missed something). And it's not clear to me if this is in the December 2019 performance update for Navi or if this is in RDNA 2.0.

However, as I said before, AMD has their own patent idea for RT. MS is catering to both.
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