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Quote: Originally Posted by Famzilla View Post
On X570 Aorus Elite I recently updated to F10a and tried to re-overclock my ram to 3800 MHz but failed. XMP works on my 32GB 3600 MHz CL 16 GSkill Neo memory. Thankfully I made a backup of the bios (F5b) I was using before so I didn't have to redo all my settings. Problem is once I restore the bios and load the profile I was using it no longer boots. Been trying for hours to get it set up again. RIP the overclocking dream, wish I hadn't tried F10a on something that was already working fine.

I guess I'll try 3600 MHz overclocking and see if I can bring the timings in to regain the performance over just using XMP.

EDIT: I cleared CMOS then re-flashed my F5b bios and it seems I can reapply my profile I had saved.... Running AIDA64 seems to confirm the settings took. Now I'm curious if I re-flash F10a and can get my settings to work.
I have an ELITE too and the only reason that I stay with the F4 bios is that my G.skill 3200 RAM don't like any other bios for keeping this sweet 3733 16-15-15

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