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Quote: Originally Posted by gogx View Post
No problems with my Elite from the start, had almost every bios instaled no problems at all...I uninstall my chipset drivers every time i install a new Bios..My 3600x boost clocks are there 4.4 like on the ABBA bios. I leave everyting stock except set my ram to 38 and IF to 1900. Got like 50+ points in multi GPUZ, single is the same. About the chipset temp and fan, my never goes above 45c and the fan is off all the time, when i took the screanshot it was siting at 34c (old Antec900 case)..Boot speed is now great only a few seconds to get to windows
Same here but I've never uninstalled the drivers. Just flash new BIOS and re-apply memory and IF settings. I have an Asus soundcard installed too.

Running RAM at 3800 Cl16 with 1900 IF fine on every BIOS version. Boot time has always been good too. We must just be lucky and that's probably one of the most frustrating things about Zen2 - the inconsistency of it.
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