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Quote: Originally Posted by Blze001 View Post
I'm all for companies letting dev teams have more time, I've endured enough disasters that were primarily because they needed to meet a deadline.

As far as the games mentioned, Far Cry has always been a "have gun fights and shoot a bunch with some story loosely tying these murder sprees together" title, so I'm curious what they're gonna be doing with it to make it competitive with "mega blockbusters".

And I really hope they continue the direction they took with Odyssey with Assassin's Creed. I'm actually interested in the next one (I'm STILL playing Odyssey) now that it's not just parkour simulator with a confusing present-day story that is kinda, sorta, not really well communicated or planned. Only AC I've actually finished aside from Odyssey was AC4 because pirate ships.
I remember Far Cry more as a tech demo for Crytek. Spawn on a tropical island, here are a few guns and enemies around to test on/murder.

Nowadays Far Cry is quite a bit different I imagine, entirely different developers=people. Apart from 1st in the series it seems more of a Ubisoft money machine to keep running. Similar to what they are doing with Assasin's Creed, where first games one would be tempted to try but then when so many follow ups show up to it? Not really. Reskin and rerelease sort of thing not my thing, the story was fairly finished and gameplay not that innovative or impressive. Play once and forget with no desire to play consecutive games from that series.
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