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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
I remember Far Cry more as a tech demo for Crytek. Spawn on a tropical island, here are a few guns and enemies around to test on/murder.

Nowadays Far Cry is quite a bit different I imagine, entirely different developers=people. Apart from 1st in the series it seems more of a Ubisoft money machine to keep running. Similar to what they are doing with Assasin's Creed, where first games one would be tempted to try but then when so many follow ups show up to it? Not really. Reskin and rerelease sort of thing not my thing, the story was fairly finished and gameplay not that innovative or impressive. Play once and forget with no desire to play consecutive games from that series.
the series has gone thru its lows and highs, and the last two were decent titles. Thank god they finally introduced a difficulty slider, even if it doesn't do anything besides make enemies hit harder.

The most annoying thing in that franchise is how utterly easy the game becomes after getting a few BFGs.

Assassins Creed though, maaaan. If only egypt were done on the engine of Greece, and greece had a few less islands and a few more hours of uncanny valley nuking. It's just such a giant hollow world they've built. Awesome towns that you NEVER wanna go back to again, because of how large everything is. Massive towns you only visit for 2-3 quests, then move on forever. It's cool, but it leaves so much to be desired when you can only interact with the world via two attacks, a block, juke, and loot button. Imagine if the Assassins creed folks didn't rebuild the entire engine for EVERY SINGLE NEW release? Seems they could bake in a much higher quality game if they just cut back on the frills a bit.

and for the love of god, please make Black Flag its own game. The ocean warfare is epic.

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