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Quote: Originally Posted by NewType88 View Post
@skupples Every time I read your post I think its that old man in your avatar telling me a story of his adventures with computers lol.
BACK IN MY DAY, WE KNITTED OUR LOGIC GATES BY HAND! (i'm 32, this isn't true, i wasn't born yet back then)

Quote: Originally Posted by The Pook View Post
oddly similar to the 1440p 144hz and 1080p 240hz optimization guides.

fitting avatar
admitting the truth about all of it would net these goons 10x less clicks, so instead say its shart at first, then slowly dial it back via guides n stuff days later, for more clicks. I haven't wasted my time looking @ any documentation since the first dude that uploaded a graphics/intensity/effect breakdown. that saved me a good amount of time

I'm on high/ultra across the board now, aside from mirror/water/reflection/volumetrics, set to medium. though tbh the reflections are pretty damn good if you take the time to look @ yourself in a window.

i'm just gonna come out & say it. These modern kids accept trash content. Does Tech Jesus still use paper notes like a boomer? I miss the old PCPer.

R.I.P. Zawarudo, may you OC angels' wings in heaven.
If something appears too good to be true, it probably is.
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