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Quote: Originally Posted by NewUser16 View Post
Hey! we all have quality standards.

I won't deny, as it seem obvious I have very much dislike for TT I would not get anything of theirs even if was 90% OFF.

They are not innovative company, they live of other companies hard work and still from them e.g. Fractal, Caselabs, Cooler Master and more, pretty much all companies you name it, that's why their products are cheap because they didn't design them to begin with, you want to support that, knock yourself out
Their C-pro fittings are kind of revolutionary. Same with the Tower they have. Also, they were one of the first to introduce the RGB fan settings with the Trio's.

Let's be real. Everyone is just re-inventing the wheel. All of the companies have a lack of ingenuity and they end up just ripping each other all off.
If you have a problem with TT PSU's, well. They're probably not the manufacturer and it's probably the same junk that's in almost 80% of the consumer market because they all get outsourced anyways.

I'm not biased towards any one company. I wouldn't personally pick TT stuff because they aren't of the best quality, not the cheapest, not the most expensive. They're decent across the board.
Why buy any Bitspower fittings when you can pick up Bykski or Barrowch which are essentially just sister companies for example.

TL;DR - nothing wrong with almost any company now-a-days. Pick what aesthetically works for you and fits your budget because honestly, most products are just getting sourced from other companies anymore.

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