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Bitlocker auto-unlock secondary hard drive

Hey there,

I hope you guys can enlighten me. I have a question about Bitlocker but the answers I get through Google either don't seem to fit, are too complicated or aim at removable drives which this isn't about.

I have built a new PC with one SSD and one HDD. The SSD is the system drive and I encrypted it with Bitlocker. I configured it so I have to enter a Password during startup. I do not want to use the TPM module (or other methods (like a dongle or a smartcard).
I want the secondary drive, the hdd, to be encrypted too but be available right from Windows start. So I encrypted the drive and set the auto-unlock feature Bitlocker offers.

So my, what I though was a simple, question is, is the data on the secondary drive encrypted all the time I have not booted into Windows? Or to phrase it the other way, are both drives encrypted the second I shutdown my PC?

Thanks in advance.

* Since I know someone will ask me this, I do want Password protection instead of using the TPM because my last PC was stolen when someone broke into our home. In such scenario a TPM is useless and the feeling of important data being stolen wasn't, well isn't, a good one.
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