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It's the second time (links below) I'm reading that the TSX bug affects Haswell, but it's worth noting that desktop and laptop users are probably not affected.


Most people with Haswell based PC's will have TSX disabled because Intel found a bug in TSX back in 2014 and issued a microcode update to disable it. Only Xeons E7 based on Haswell-EX have the bug fixed and TSX enabled.


As to Broadwell, it's a bit unclear as to exactly what models have TSX enabled and disabled, but Broadwell-Y has the bug and is thus disabled. The i7 5650U and 5600U, i5 5350U and 5300U are supposed to have it working. Xeon-D has it working and so do the desktop i5-5675C and i7-5775C. Broadwell-E (HEDT) apparently doesn't have TSX enabled, there is nothing on it in the ARK pages.

So, when it comes to Haswell and Broadwell, it's a bit of a mess, especially Broadwell.

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