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Need help with 3900X & AIO

I just built the machine from my sig and the temps seem a bit high.
CPU is stock with PBO etc all on auto.

In a closed case 1 front 140mm brings cool air, one back 140mm takes hot out, the AIO is on the top 2x120 taking hot out, room temp 24C and using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.

Cinebench R20 all core temps hit 80C.
Prime95 temps only hit 70C weirdly enough.
Battlefield 5 1080p ultra never goes above 65C.

I am coming from 1700 with an AIO and these 3900X temps seem high for the Arctic Freezer II 240 which in all reviews performs like a champ.

Do these temps look normal or should I e worried about maybe installing the cooler wrong or something else?

Any input is much appreciated.
Many thanks!

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